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An All-inclusive package for £60 plus VAT a month

We are Specialist IT Contractor Accountants.  Working as an Online Accountant for Contractors close to London, we understand the challenges you face day to day.

We pride ourselves on our Contractor Fees set at £60 + VAT a month. Meaning that it gives you the Contractor more Take home Pay.

IT Contractors take home pay

We will guide you

There are many claims to the percentages of take home pay.  We have a simple calculator on our downloads section.  There are no magic answers!  Top is income, middle business expenses and the bottom line is the profit.  The good news is, that you pay 19% Corporation tax and dividends are taxed a lower rate.

Setting up a Limited Company as a Contractor

The alternative to umbrella

We can assist you in forming a limited company.   There are different rules and advantages of working through a Limited Company over the Umbrella route.

An Umbrella means just that.  You are working for a temporary Employer, which is fine for short term contracts

Feel free to call for an informal chat to understand more.

How do I change Accountants?

I want my first month free!

Don`t worry!  All we need from you is a completed client info form and we will take care of everything.  Its usually best to change at the start of your new accounting period if possible.

Client_Info sheet Apr 2017 v1

IR35 and what does it mean to you?

Are you a disguised employee?

We do have specialists that we can refer you to.  We do not accept any commision from them.  They understand the IR35 rules for Limited Companies.  Thats all they do.  So, whether you want to know whether you are inside IR35 or Outside IR35, its good to know your own situation!

Contractor Dividends

Being Tax Efficient

Ideally, we would recommend putting through an amount as a salary.  This means you can claim your personal tax allowance and save on Corporation Tax.  The remainder may be taken as dividends.  So long as they fall below the higher rate they are taxed at 7.5%.  We will guide you


You may be looking to change your accountant to save fees? We believe we offer the most affordable solution to being an IT Contractor operating through a Person Service Company. Our All-inclusive package means that you save without the risk of an inferior service.

We offer a range of record keeping systems that include Excel.  Yes, we have online accounting if thats what you prefer, though from our experience nothing is simpler than a straight Excel sheet.

We guarantee that we will remind you of deadlines such as Accounts filing etc. Its risk free as we will pay any penalties if its our fault. Can`t be fairer than that, can we?


You are secure in the knowledge you will have a trusted partner who has specialist knowledge in your field. With a proven track record and a no strings attached deal.

We even give you the chance to try before you buy. Once we have your information your first month is free. This gives you a chance to get to know us without commitment. Even after that, you can opt out. There is nothing to lose

A Trusted Partner


a call back

We are very happy to talk over your requirements and how we can fulfill your needs.

We are happy to talk about your requirements and cover any questions you may have

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