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Why use a Contractors Accountant?

So, Why use a Contractors Accountant?

Good Question.  Its tempting to DIY.   But hang on, is it really worth the hassle?  OK fair enough if you are paying a lot for the service, but at £60 a month for absolutely everything we believe we make it a seriously good proposition to use us.

So why you?

Another good question!  Well, as the Americans say.  “You do the math”  Trying to save on professional fees can be false economy.  Do you really want to spend time getting registered for VAT, PAYE etc.   Never having anyone to ask the questions that crop up from time to time.   In other words we are your professional buddies.

Prove it!

OK here goes.  As a Contractor no doubt you will be earning, well shall we say a comfortable whack.  But the burning question is:  How much can I earn before I go into higher rate.  Before I wrote this I put some figures into our amazing machine and have an example for you.  Do remember thats all it is, because a lot can depend on tax codes etc.  See below a tax summary for the tax year 18-19 for a fictional character.  (Doubt whether anyone else remembers James Hunt)

HuntJamesMarlboro SA302 18-19 Example

Taxing Issues

This is where it stops being funny as an unexpected tax bill is as welcome as well,  whatever you want to imagine.  The tax summary is only half the story.  There are payments on account to calculate and all sorts of little traps.  Late filing penalties and failure to file an SA100 on time can literally lead to £000`s in fines.  So, I hope you are now convinced that we are worth having around!

Next step

Good stuff.  Now you are convinced not only will we save you money, we will offer you amazing value for money, plus, you get the first month free, plus, you don`t even have to enter into a binding contract with us!  Nothing to lose.  Just downlaod the client info form below and send on.  We will get to work setting everything up for you.

Client_Info sheet Apr 2017 v1


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